Have you ever heard about pangolin? What is it actually? It is a unique creature. The animal has a unique characteristic, which is its armored shell. It will hide under its shell when feel threatened. Due to its uniqueness and value, more people start hunting this animal illegally. Here is the fact. It becomes the most traded animal in the world. Most of the bad people trade it in a black market. More hunters look for this cute animal.


The Uniqueness of Pangolin

Pangolin is also famous due to their diversity in species. Approximately, there are about 8 species. The 4 species live in Asia. They are Sunda, Palawan, Chinese, and Indian pangolin. The rest species live in Africa. These include long-tailed, cape, giant, and tree pangolin. Apart from the diversity, this animal has much uniqueness. For instance, their tongue can be longer than their body. Do you believe it? It can even be more than 40 cm long when extended. They use their tongue to hunt foods.

The most valuable part of the pangolin is its scales. In fact, this is the only mammals that come with scales. Their scales have the similar substance of your fingernails, talons, and rhino horns. Since these are quite hard, the animal depends on their scales against predators or threats. Many people hunt it for the scales. They use the scales as traditional medicine. They will dry and roast them for health purposes. Today, you need to spend more than $2,500 for a kilogram of pangolin scales. It is only available on the black market.

Pangolin is definitely a unique animal. Unfortunately, it faces a significant threat against an illegal hunting.

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