London Mayor Sadiq Khan has hit out at US President Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim rhetoric, saying its tone reflects the propaganda touted by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL).

Speaking at an event hosted by the Guardian newspaper at this year’s Labour Party Conference in Brighton, Khan suggested the Republican leader is actually helping the terrorist group in creating a divide between ethnic groups in the Western world.

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Voicing his opposition to Trump’s US travel ban on immigrants from Muslim-majority nations, and the president’s claim that Khan himself would be exempt from such a ban, the London mayor said: “My view was firstly ‘I’m not exceptional’ and secondly ‘Think about what you are saying.’

“Because what you are saying is not dissimilar to what Daesh or so-called IS says,” the Labour politician added, according to the paper.

“They say that there is a clash of civilisations, it is not possible to be a Muslim and a westerner, and the west hates us.

“And you are inadvertently playing their game, you are helping them.”

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