Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kodzias says Greece wants Macedonia to only have the local language for its name, and not the English translation for it.

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He points out that it is important that the name in the coinage be in the language of the country, which means without translation, and that would mean an acceptable solution regarding the word Macedonia, but not with “Macedonia” in English, according to the portal Index.

Now is the time for a decision to solve the 25-year-old name dispute over the name between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, UN mediator Matthew Nimetz said in Athens after meeting with the Greek foreign minister.

Athens has been very careful to ensure the name “Macedonia” becomes a Greek possession for tourism and historical purposes. Macedonia is the only country/former kingdom and empire in the world which has continuously kept its name from Biblical times. With the current Macedonian Government, Greece’s desires will likely become reality.