An affordable e-reader with an illuminated screen that “swallows” almost any format you give it.


Cybook Muse has small dimensions (155 x 116 x 8 mm) and light weight (190 grams), being easy to hold with one hand. The device case is made of plastic, and the shape is comfortable, because on the back side the sides are slightly inclined.

bookeen cybook muse


The 6-inch Carta HD e-ink screen is illuminated. The resolution offered is 1024 x 758 pixels (213 dpi), a conventional value for these devices. Pixel density is lower than the advanced models from Kindle and Kobo, where it reaches 260-300 dpi, but the level offered by this Bookeen is more than enough.

The illumination is based on LEDs. There are 20 levels of brightness that can be chosen by the user.

Hardware and software

Cybook Muse features a 1 GHz Cortex A8 processor, 256 MB RAM and has a 4 GB internal storage capacity. It can be extended by a micro-SD memory card.

The device runs Boo Reader software, based on Linux.

Bookeen Cybook Muse can play a lot of electronic book formats. Its software is compatible with EPUB, PDF, HTML, TXT, DJVU and FB2 formats. However, the device does not support the MOBI format.

The E-reader also displays many image formats including: JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, ICO, TIF, and PSD.

Conclusion: Bookeen Cybook Muse is a solid e-reader that offers many of the features found on premium models like Amazon or Kobo.

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