We’re nearing the end of August 2017 and that means it’s time to take a look at the best NEW Android games from the last month!

Adventure Time Run – https://goo.gl/ijsbQX
Combat Squad – https://goo.gl/6iWYkn
Framed 2 – https://goo.gl/9pCf1V
Kraken Land – https://goo.gl/YjWR7n
Pianista – https://goo.gl/rLtCjG
Tales of the Rays – https://goo.gl/pU7FA8
Titanfall: Assault – https://goo.gl/d6wfvi
Voletarium – https://goo.gl/XxC7C3
What Hadjane Says Goes – https://goo.gl/Cy6PgV
What’s Up, Snoopy? – https://goo.gl/2CNoMz

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